social media, facebook, linked-in, twitter, youtube, It goes without saying that your business has to have some kind of online presence if it wants to survive in the 21st century. But where to begin? Let’s have a look at the biggest social platforms on the Internet and who should be using them.


Facebook is the only social media platform that you need to be on no matter what field your business is in. Because users put their personal detail onto the platform, you can target your advertising not just by basic demographics, but by job title, the age of a user’s kids, interests etc.


Because of its instant nature, Twitter is great for marketing companies, sports-related businesses, and news services. If your sector or business is based around things that are happening now, you need to be on Twitter.
With Twitter you can generate interest in your brand by being the go-to source for developments in your sector. Pay close attention to new technologies, case studies, reports and news events that will affect you.


Image-friendly businesses like restaurants, clothes and fashion brands, food, architecture, technology and designers need to be on Instagram.
Consider your images carefully to ensure a better engagement rate. Also pay close attention to current events and holidays, as Instagram (like Twitter) is closely involved with what’s trending.


Fashion retailers, photographers, jewellers and DIY Stores work well on Pinterest. The female-dominated, image-dominated facts of Pinterest make it easy for those brands that naturally lend themselves in that direction. Remember to link the price, availability, and where you can purchase the item.


All professionals should be on LinkedIn. It’s also advisable to have a business presence on LinkedIn, as the effort you need to maintain it is significantly less than other platforms. Check every now and then – but focus your valuable time and energy on the more revenue-generating or awareness-increasing platforms.

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