Radio Advertising

Welcome to South Africa’s top independent radio advertising agency.

Our expertise ensures that booking airtime on commercial radio stations is simple.

Utilize our team of copywriters and producers to create successful campaigns.
We strategize and buy radio advertising airtime, cater for large or small budgets, provide below the line solutions, make great creative, nurture talented voice artists, represent celebrities, deliver your audio, and track the whole campaign process.
Ultimate Storm will be as much involved in your radio advertising campaign as you need.
Radio is a strong call-to-action medium. We all love listening to the radio whether we’re traveling, surfing the net or just relaxing at home. The voice of radio follows the contemporary consumer almost everywhere which marks the significance of radio advertising. Research shows that a fifth of internet users are listening to the radio at any given time thereby being only a click away from a certain brand.

At Ultimate Storm, we aim to deliver a tailored radio campaign which not only raises awareness of your brand but also achieves specific sales targets related to profitability. Innovative radio campaigns are specifically designed to generate interest among the targeted segment of potential consumers.
Our radio advertising services comprise of:
• Sponsorship
• Competitions

Ultimate Storm has you covered 
You shouldn’t need to worry about negotiating the best radio advertising deals, creating the right message for your brand, or delivering audio campaigns. By choosing to work with us, you’ll have everything covered in just one phone call.

Stand out 
You want your brand to stand out and our in-house creative team ensure this happens. We will work closely with you to get your message spot-on and won’t stop until you’re happy. We can also produce your radio advert in our recording studios.

We make it Happen
If you want to get your brand on the radio, we make it happen no matter the size of your budget or brief. If you’re not negotiating and planning radio advertising campaigns every day like we are, it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right. Contact us for a free campaign health check!

We Know
You may not know about the latest radio advertising industry trends or developments, but our team of talented individuals do. Because we’re completely independent, we also take an unbiased view and can advise you on how to get the best ROI.