Search search_ultimate storm advertisingmarketing is multi-faceted. Search engine optimization applied correctly will create better visibility online, but it’s just one part of your overall marketing strategy. Here are some things to consider when you do your search strategy:

Define your keywords
Every online search begins with someone typing words into a search box. Search engines use keywords to return the best results. Start with identifying five to ten keywords or phrases that have a high search volume and best represent your organization, and then use these throughout your website, including in titles and top-level information. Your keywords should be included in around 5% of your online content.
Add alternative attributes to image tags
This will ensure that your images form part of your content that is able to be screened by search engines, and will also contribute to your site’s accessibility.

Title elements
Title tags tell search engines what you would like displayed for your website’s search result listing. Title tags can be more descriptive than the actual heading of the webpage and should be an accurate and brief description the page’s content, which is important for both SEO and connecting users with the right information. Update your content regularly, this not only ensures your website is fresh and useful to users but gives you a better ranking in search results. This is also a simple way to continually incorporate your keywords.

Share links and link to other reputable websites

This will show search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant.
Use tools like Google Analytics to understand and monitor your website traffic
The statistics from Google Analytics can also help you assess whether any changes you make to your website has improved website traffic.
Host valuable and readable content
If you’ve optimized for search engines only and users don’t stick around on your website, you haven’t been successful.

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