Digital T.V. Display Advertising

Digital TV Display Advertising is Ultimate Storm’s OWN and Unique Advertising platform. Specially thought out and designed for affordable advertising for our clients.



Do you want to advertise your business but all mediums are just too expensive! We at Ultimate Storm have the answer. We understand how important advertising is for your business, whether it be for brand exposure, lead generation, client interaction, etc.

Ultimate Storm Advertising offers our clients a new and affordable advertising medium, “Digital TV Display Advertising”. This is a powerful means of advertising to get your business seen by thousands through our network of displays at our various sites.

TV display advertising runs on a controlled automated system for distribution and playback of digital content in forms of static, animated, rich media or augmented reality displays.

A digital advertisement system is the controlled distribution and playback of digital content across networks of displays.


How it works!
We can design your digital advertisement for you (optional)
We load your digital advertisement on our digital display program and activate it on our system.

Your digital advertisement is then displayed on all our digital network screens.

Digital TV Display Advertising
Pricing from: R 499 per month
Ad development fee @ R 500 (optional)
Ad shown minimum of 2500 times per display across all displays